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An effective employee handbook clearly explains workplace policies and the process for dealing with complaints. By communicating these matters clearly to employees, a business can often avoid disputes and more successfully resolve problems that arise.

Gunterfirm has been drafting employee handbooks for Fort Myers and Naples companies for 18 years. He ensures the handbook comprehensively covers the key workplace issues so employees truly understand their obligations and rights.

Clauses to Include in an Employee Handbook

The employee handbook provides workers with a roadmap of what is expected of them. For example, a typical handbook might include these sections:

  • Schedules and attendance: Explain the policies regarding a company’s work hours, lunch and break periods, punctuality, absences, work shifts, telecommuting and flexible schedules.
  • Compensation: Of greatest importance to workers is how their wages are determined, including performance reviews, promotions, salary increases, paycheck schedules and direct deposit information.
  • Overtime pay: Outline the workers rights to overtime pay and what constitutes a workweek for purposes of calculating overtime.
  • Benefits: Describe the benefits offered by the company and who is entitled to health insurance, life insurance and other benefits.
  • Anti-discrimination: This section elaborates on the business’s commitment to its equal employment opportunity obligations and presents the business’s clear grievance policy that allows employees to report acts of discrimination or harassment.
  • Dress code: Employees should know how they are expected to dress and groom to create a professional atmosphere, to reflect the company’s branding or as a matter of safety and functionality of the job.
  • Code of conduct: What conduct is allowed and not allowed in the workspace? Prohibited behavior might include talking on cell phones, chewing gum, cursing or acting in a manner that jeopardizes colleagues safety or productivity.
  • Sick and holiday leave: This section may include a company-wide policy for calculating eligibility for time off and policies for asking for leave. Covered businesses’ might also address Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) provisions.
  • Non-disclosure: Although higher-level employees who have access to sensitive information should sign a separate, more explicit non-disclosure agreement, language in the employee handbook should clearly forbid employees from sharing the company’s confidential information.
  • Use of company technology: Set parameters for use of the company’s computers, software, servers, smartphones and other technology and establish the employees’ obligations to secure confidential information and keep equipment they take out of the office safe.
  • Safety measures: Particularly if the nature of the business involves potentially dangerous activities, such as at a restaurant, on a construction site or in a manufacturing plant, your handbook should list measures expected out of employees to preserve safety of themselves, their coworkers and the public.

Design an Effective Handbook with a Naples Employment Lawyer

Gunterfirm reviews and drafts thorough handbooks to promote a productive, safe workplace that help prevent employment disputes. Call our Fort Myers and Naples law firm at 239.334.7017 or contact us online to schedule your free first consultation to begin a discussion about a plan of action for your company.

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