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Jason L. Gunter, established Gunterfirm 18 years ago in Southwest Florida. Attorney Gunter’s dedication to workplace issues led him to pursue employment and labor law almost exclusively. In 2005, Jason Gunter earned Board Certification by the Florida Bar in Labor and Employment Law, which attests to his skills and experience in the area of law and to his ethical and professional practice.

Whether advocating for employees’ rights or advising a business on creating legally compliant workplace policies, Gunterfirm remains focused on achieving a just and productive workplace. To further this goal, we handle all employment law consultation, representation and litigation, including discrimination and harassment claims, wage and hour violations, wrongful termination and employment contracts.

Full-Service Employment Law Firm

Our Naples employment lawyers handle the full scope of workplace legal issues that affect workers and businesses. We provide clear advice and develop a legal strategy for our clients so they know what to expect and can make well-informed decisions. Matters we regularly handle for our clients include:

  • Employment Contracts:

    properly drafted employment contracts protect both the worker and the business. Gunterfirm drafts and negotiates and all employment related contracts, including non-compete, nondisclosure, executive and independent contractor agreements.

  • Employment Discrimination:

    Businesses are barred from discriminating against employees based upon their inclusion in a protected class, including age, gender race, religion and nationality. Our firm upholds these crucial protections.

  • Fair Labor Standards Act:

    The Fair Labor Standards Act establishes minimum wage and overtime pay standards.

  • Overtime and Unpaid Wages:

    Our lawyers take steps to protect the hard-earned wages earned by workers. Gunterfirm also assists employers with professional wage and hour compliance reviews and defends businesses in wage and hour litigation

  • FMLA:

    The Family Medical Leave Act creates an opportunity for balance between work and family health. Gunterfirm. guides clients through complex compliance issues related to this federal statute.

  • Discrimination:

    We advocate for a discrimination-free workplace, because workers should never be judged solely by their gender, race, nationality, religion, age, disability or other irrelevant characteristic.

  • Labor Law:

    Our team works with businesses to remain legally compliant with all governing labor laws

  • Non-Compete Law:

    Well-written non-compete contracts protect businesses from losing a competitive advantage, but should never be so restrictive to infringe upon the rights of workers to earn their living.

  • Sexual Harassment:

    Gunterfirm protects employees when they have been sexually harassed and guide businesses to develop policies designed to protect its workers from the offensive conduct.

  • Whistleblower:

    Whistleblower statutes are designed to protect workers who speak out against workplace injustice or illegal activity. We consider all legal strategies to protect these employees.

  • Wrongful Termination:

    Although Florida is an at-will state, employers are prohibited from firing workers when, for instance, the termination is based on discrimination, in retaliation against a whistleblower or in breach of an employment contract.

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