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Sexual harassment can make the workplace intolerable for targets of this illegal behavior. The hostile environment may also affect the worker’s productivity and career advancement. Conversely, businesses may face serious repercussions for sexual harassment claims, including fines, litigation and damage to reputation.

Naples sexual harassment lawyer Jason L. Gunter, P.A. serves workers and businesses throughout Naples, Fort Myers and the surrounding Southwest Florida communities. Jason L. Gunter has dedicated his 18-year career to employment and labor law. By earning his Florida Bar Certification in Employment and Labor Law, he is considered a specialist in the area of practice.

Our firm takes steps to remedy incidents of sexual harassment. Depending upon the facts of a given case, we might pursue an Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) complaint or litigation against an offending employer to recover monetary damages or to demand changes in the workplace.

What is Sexual Harassment?

Sexual harassment is harassing conduct based upon a person’s gender. The conduct may include offensive jokes, unwanted sexual advances, inappropriate gender-related comments or images of a sexual nature. Mild teasing, offhand comments and isolated incidents are not considered harassment. However, a one-time incident may constitute harassment if it is severe. Less severe, but frequent and repeated conduct may also create a hostile work environment.

The harasser may be a supervisor, coworker, client or vendor. The harasser and the victim may be a woman or a man and may be of the opposite or the same sex.

Building a Sexual Harassment Case

Gunterfirm helps clients achieve relief from harassing workplace conduct. We regularly file Charges of Discrimination with the EEOC. We recommend litigation when appropriate such as when the sexual harassment is widespread or egregious.

Workers should take important steps to protect their claims. First, the target of sexual harassment should follow company policies for reporting the matter to the designated person. Most companies explain their grievance process in their employee handbooks. If the process is not clear, a worker should complain to a supervisor or human resources department. In some cases, reporting the harassment is enough to put an end to the unwanted conduct.

In addition, workers should preserve evidence of the harassment, such as voicemails, text messages, emails, notes or a diary that details comments or advances.

Helping Businesses Create a Harassment-Free Workplace

Our firm counsels businesses on developing comprehensive workplace harassment training and reporting policies. We also help company officers deal with complaints fairly and effectively.

Learn More About Sexual Harassment in Florida Workplaces

Gunterfirm represents businesses and workers in Naples, Fort Myers and the surrounding communities throughout Southwest Florida. Our team protects your right to a harassment-free workplace. If you have been the target of sexual harassment, call Jason L. Gunter, P.A. at 239.334.7017 or contact our employment and labor law firm online. Your claim evaluation is free.

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