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Gunterfirm has represented businesses and workers in Southwest Florida for 18 years. Our attorney earned his Florida Bar Certification in Employment and Labor Law, a testament to his high level of professionalism, ethics and skills. Gunterfirm handles the full range of employment and labor issues, such as wage and hours laws, discrimination and contacts. We advise Florida businesses on developing effective company policies, drafting comprehensive contracts and defending against claims in administrative proceedings and through litigation.

  • Employment Law Advice

    Gunterfirm provides comprehensive consulting services to businesses on matters pertaining to contracts, company policies and regulatory compliance. Our services help businesses maintain a productive workforce and avoid potential workplace conflicts. We arrange our advisory packages to meet the goals and needs of our individual clients.

  • Wage and Hour/Overtime Representation

    Gunterfirm helps businesses abide by their obligations under the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), which govern hours and overtime pay, and under the Florida minimum wage statutes. We advise our clients on complex matters that affect wages, such as correctly classifying employee positions and accurately determining which tasks are compensable.

  • Employee Handbook Drafting/Review

    An employee handbook is a useful tool for communicating company policies and employee expectations. Our lawyer drafts comprehensive provisions pertaining to conduct and dress codes, religion and disability accommodations, company smartphones and computers, leaves of absence, fringe benefits, grievance complaints, non-competition, nondisclosure and a whole host of crucial policies and regulations.

  • Non-Compete Advice & Litigation

    Non-compete agreements help to preserve a company’s competitive edge by preventing disclosure of confidential information and protecting the company’s investment in its employees’ training. Our employment law attorney drafts effective, enforceable non-compete agreements that keep these vital assets out of competitors’ hands.

  • Employment Law Litigation

    Jason Gunter is a top-notch trial attorney who aggressively advocates for his clients’ rights during administrative hearings and in the courtroom. His reputation for strategic trial skills often gains an edge during settlement negotiations. However, he never hesitates to recommend trial if this is the best course of action for his client.

  • Discrimination

    Our law firm guides businesses in implementing effective anti-discrimination policies that protect employees from gender, race, age, disability, religious or national origin discrimination and protect the company from unwarranted claims. We keep our cases moving smoothly through the complicated EEOC proceedings so our clients can obtain satisfying resolution as quickly as possible.

  • Wrongful Termination Claims

    Typically, a business can fire its employee at will. However, a business is prohibited from firing an employee based upon his or her protected class, in retaliation for whistleblowing or in breach of a contract. Our employment lawyer helps businesses establish protective termination practices and we advocate for their right to fire their employees for just cause.

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