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Labor disputes often have adverse consequences on both a business and its workers. Labor attorney Jason Gunter understands this and takes proactive steps to reach the best possible solutions as quickly as possible. Gunterfirm has concentrated on labor and employment matters for the past 18 years. Our law firm helps Fort Myers businesses, workers and labor unions reach win-win solutions to wage, hours, overtime and working conditions disputes through strategic negotiations, mediations and arbitrations. When the other party refuses to agree to fair terms, we pursue effective legal remedies available in administrative proceedings and through civil litigation to preserve our client’s rights.

Representing Workers

Workers have greater strength in numbers to negotiate hours, pay, benefits and working conditions. Labor unions represent the workers’ interests during collective negotiations with employers. But, workers do not have to formally belong to a union to enjoy these benefits; instead they may form an organized group on their own initiative.
Whether through a labor union or as an organized group, the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) protects workers’ vital collective bargaining rights, including their right to:

  • Form a union
  • Join a union
  • Engage in union activities
  • Decline to participate in a union

Advising Labor Unions

Labor unions level the playing field between businesses and their employees. Whereas the concerns of a single worker is not likely to draw much attention from management, when the entire workforce makes a point, the company is more likely to respond. Unions have an obligation to represent the best interests of its members, which is often complicated if its members have divergent needs from one another. Gunterfirm guides labor unions in fulfilling their important duties to their members.

Employers’ Obligations and Interests

Under NLRB regulations, businesses must allow workers to form a union, join a union and otherwise negotiate collectively. In addition, businesses are prohibited from discriminating against or interfering with union members or organized groups within a company. However, the line may be fuzzy, especially if a union representative is not negotiating in good faith or a business is negatively affected by the union’s actions.

Fort Myers businesses regularly consult with our labor attorney about remaining in compliance with the labor laws while supporting their own interests to run an efficient, profitable operation. We keep costs, efficiency and the reputation of the business in mind as we pursue positive resolutions to complex labor issues.

Consult with a Fort Myers Labor Attorney for Resolution of Challenging Workplace Matters

Jason Gunter is a Florida Bar Certified employment and labor law specialist with 18 years of experience. He has the knowledge and the drive to effectively resolve complex labor law issues involving pay, hours, overtime and job conditions. For experienced representation of unions, workers and businesses, call our Fort Myers office at 239.334.7017 or contact us online.

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